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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-1968A Industrialização brasileira : diagnóstico e perspectivas : versão preliminarCandal, Arthur Pinto Ribeiro; Carvalho, Marcos Flávio Pires de; Malan, Pedro Sampaio; Bonelli, Regis
1967Some notes on planningFishlow, Albert
1965The 1964/66 action program of Brazilian governmentHiggins, Benjamin
Feb-1968A preliminary study of income distribution in BrazilO'Brien, Frederick Stephen
1965The relation between the rate of return on investment projects and the rate of growth of the national productChipman, John S.
1968Notes on the monetary budgetFishlow, Albert
1967Proposed system of foreign exchange conversion and export promotionBaerresen, Donald W.
Jan-1969Programa de estudos e pesquisas do Instituto de Planejamento Econômico e Social (IPEA)Brasil. Instituto de Planejamento Econômico e Social (Ipea)
Oct-1969Fundos especiais para transporteValle, Edméa Aguiar
1967Diagnostic of marketingSmith, Gordon