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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2015Long-run determinants of the real exchange rate : Brazil : 1947/95Fiorencio, Antonio; Moreira, Ajax R. B.
May-2018Turnover, learning by doing, and the dynamics of productivity in BrazilRocha, Leandro Pereira da; Pero, Valéria Lúcia; Corseuil, Carlos Henrique
Apr-2018Why so sluggish? Analyzing the determinants of price adjustments in the service sector using survey microdataPolydoro, Angelo; Ardeo, Vagner
Oct-2016Electricity market operation : transitioning from a free market to a single buyer structureDaglish, Toby; Bragança, Gabriel Godofredo Fiuza de; Owen, Sally; Romano, Teresa
May-2019Effective rates of protection in Brazil : 2000 to 2015Bloch, Carolina; Soares, Sergei Suarez Dilon