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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2017Union-nonunion wage gap : some unexpected findings in Brazilian labour marketCampos, André Gambier; Moura, Ana Carolina
Oct-2017Urban accessibility and spatial segregation in Brazilian cities : a configurational perspectiveBarros, Ana Paula Borba Gonçalves; Medeiros, Valério Augusto Soares de; Morais, Maria da Piedade
Jan-2015Robustness and stabilization properties of monetary policy rules in BrazilMoreira, Ajax R. B.; Cavalcanti, Marco Antônio Freitas de Hollanda; Lima, Elcyon C. (Comentários)
Nov-2017Inflation expectations and the Phillips Curve : an encompassing frameworkMaka, Alexis; Barbosa, Fernando de Holanda
Sep-2018The Impact of digital technologies on worker tasks : do labor policies matter?Corseuil, Carlos H. L.; Poole, Jennifer P.; Almeida, Rita K.
Oct-2018The Market value of public educationSoares, Sergei
Jan-2019Brazilian social policy : outcomes and dilemmasMatijascic, Milko
Oct-2018Inequality in Brazil from 2016 to 2017 : a decomposition exercise and labor market analysis of virtually no change (which is good news)Soares, Sergei
Sep-2018Innovation policies in Brazil during the 2000s : the need for new pathsDe Negri, Fernanda; Rauen, Andre Tortato