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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2015Labor, land and agricultural credit policies and their adverse impacts on poverty in BrazilRezende, Gervásio Castro de; Helfand, Steven (Colaborador); Cunha, Aércio dos Santos (Colaborador); Nonnenberg, Marcelo (Colaborador); Tafner, Paulo (Colaborador); Alves, Eliseu (Colaborador); Ferreira Filho, Joaquim Bento (Colaborador); Levy, Paulo (Colaborador); Villela, Renato (Colaborador)
Jan-2015Identification of affine term structure models with observed factors : economic shocks on Brazilian yield curvesMatsumura, Marco S.; Moreira, Ajax R. B.
Jan-2015The Brazilian social security systemOliveira, Francisco Eduardo Barreto de; Beltrão, Kaizô Iwakami
Jan-2015Demand for Locally Provided Public Services within the Median Voter's Framework: the Case of the Brazilian MunicipalitiesMendes, Constantino Cronemberger; Sousa, Maria da Conceição Sampaio de
Jan-2015Fiscal Competition: a Bird's Eye ViewVarsano, Ricardo; Ferreira, Sergio Guimarães; Afonso, José Roberto
Jan-2015People's Security Survey in Brazil, Argentina and Chile: a Regional Comparative AnalysisRamos, Lauro
Jan-2015Comparative advantage or economic policy? Stylized facts and reflections on Brazil´s insertion in the world economy - 1994-2005Pinheiro, Armando Castelar; Bonelli, Regis; Manzano, Osmel (Comentários); Rodriguez-Clare, Andres (Comentários); Pourchet, Henry (Assistência de pesquisa)
Jan-2015Time series econometrics in a post-acquisition antitrust analysis : the Brazilian iron ore marketFiuza, Eduardo P. S.; Tito, Fabiana F. M.; Vilela, Leandro (Colaborador); Madruga, Ravvi (Colaborador); Tavares, Mariana (Colaborador); Rosenberg, Barbara (Colaborador); Goldberg, Daniel (Colaborador)
Jan-2015Monetary policy regimes in BrazilLima, Elcyon C. R.; Maka, Alexis; Mendonça, Mário
Jan-2015Comparing models for forecasting the yield curveMatsumura, Marco S.; Moreira, Ajax R. B.