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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2015Human Resource Management and Public Sector Reforms: Trends and Origins of a New ApproachNogueira, Roberto Passos; Santana, José Paranaguá de
Jan-2015Armington Elasticities for Brazil – 1986-2002: New EstimatesTourinho, Octávio Augusto Fontes; Kume, Honorio; Pedroso, Ana Cristina de Souza
Jan-2015Interindustry wage differentialsRamos, Lauro
Jan-2015Can macroeconomic variables account for the term structure of sovereign spreads? Studying the Brazilian caseMatsumura, Marco; Moreira, Ajax R. B
Jan-2015The impacts of the Minimum Wage on the Labor Market, Poverty and Fiscal Budget in BrazilFoguel, Miguel N.; Ramos, Lauro; Carneiro, Fransisco; Schwarzer, Helmut (Colaboração); Soares, Sergei (Colaboração); Mendes, Luciana (Colaboração)
Jan-2015Labor productivity in Brazil during the 1990sBonelli, Regis; Bacha, Edmar (Sugestões e comentários); Mahrukh, Doctor (Sugestões e comentários); Farre, Alberto (Sugestões e comentários)
Jan-2015Technological Learning Systems, Competitiveness and DevelopmentViotti, Eduardo Baumgratz
Jan-2015Brazilian Population and the Social Security System: Reform AlternativesBeltrão, Kaizô Iwakami; Pinheiro, Sonoe Sugahara
Jan-2015Political electoral cycles and public investments in BrazilOrair, Rodrigo Octávio; Gouvêa, Raphael Rocha; Leal, Ésio Moreira
Jan-2015The Process of Public Resources Allocation for Investment in Hospital CapacitiesMarinho, Alexandre; Reis, Carlos Octávio Ocké (Comentários e sugestões); Façanha, Luis Otávio (Comentários e sugestões)