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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2015Space-varying regression models: specifications and simulationGamerman, Dani; Moreira, Ajax R. B.; Rue, Havard
Jan-2015Core inflation: robust common trend model forecastingMoreira, Ajax R. B.; Migon, Helio S.
Jan-2015Bayesian analysis of econometric time series models using hybrid integration rulesMoreira, Ajax R. B.; Gamerman, Dani
Jan-2015Efficiency and Regulation in the Sanitation Sector in BrazilMotta, Ronaldo Seroa da; Moreira, Ajax R. B.; Morais, Erique F. P. (Sistematização da base de dados); Poloponsky, Katcha (Sistematização da base de dados); Moura, Leonardo (Sistematização da base de dados)
Jan-2015Multivariate Spatial Regression ModelsGamerman, Dani; Moreira, Ajax R. B.
Jan-2015An adaptive resampling scheme for cycle estimationSchmidt, Alexandra Mello; Gamerman, Dani; Moreira, Ajax R. B.
Jun-2014Ciclo econômico, emprego e desigualdadeCavalcanti, Marco Antônio Freitas de Hollanda; Moreira, Ajax R. B.; Corseuil, Carlos Henrique (Comentários); Foguel, Miguel (Comentários)
Jan-2015Macro factors and the Brazilian yield curve with no arbitrage modelsMatsumura, Marcos S.; Moreira, Ajax R. B.
Jan-2015Identification of affine term structure models with observed factors : economic shocks on Brazilian yield curvesMatsumura, Marco S.; Moreira, Ajax R. B.
Jan-2015Spatial stochastic frontier models : accounting for unobserved local determinants of inefficiencySchmidt, Alexandra M.; Moreira, Ajax R. B.; Fonseca, Thais C. O.; Helfand, Steven M.