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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2015Forecasting Brazilian Output in Real Time in the Presence of breaks: a Comparison Of Linear and Nonlinear ModelsChauvet, Marcelle; Lima, Elcyon C. R.; Vasquez, Brisne
Jan-2015A note on the temporal evolution of the relationship between wages and education among Brazilian prime-age males : 1976-1989Barros, Ricardo Paes de; Ramos, Lauro
Jan-2015Size and functional income distribution in Brazil : some puzzlesClements, Benedict J.
Jan-2015The demand for money in high inflation processesTourinho, Octavio A. F.
Jan-2015Optimal foreign borrowing in a multisector dynamic equilibrium model : a case study for BrazilTourinho, Octávio A. F.; Blitzer, Charles R. (Colaborador); Eckaus, Richard (Comentários); Manne, Alan (Comentários); Toledo, Joaquim (Comentários); Meeraus, Alex (Colaborador); Gelb, Alan (Colaborador)
Jan-2015The public-private wage gap in BrazilFoguel, Miguel N.; Gill, Indermit; Mendonça, Rosane; Barros, Ricardo Paes de; Costa, Daniela (Apoio); Leite, Phillippe (Apoio)
Jan-2015Core inflation: robust common trend model forecastingMoreira, Ajax R. B.; Migon, Helio S.
Jan-2015Bayesian analysis of econometric time series models using hybrid integration rulesMoreira, Ajax R. B.; Gamerman, Dani
Jan-2015Interrelationships among input costs and product prices: notes on the empirical use of a price input-output modelResende, Marcelo de M. Lara; Reis, Eustáquio José (Colaborador)
Jan-2015Trend, seasonality and seasonal adjustmentHarvey, A. C.; Pereira, Pedro L. Valls; Steyn, I. (Colaborador); Wallis, K. (Colaborador)