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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2015Trade liberalization and quality innovation in Brazilian autosFonseca, Renato; Evenhouse, Eirik (Comentários); Hall, Bronwyn (Comentários); Oliveira, João de (Comentários); Ramos, Lauro (Comentários); Reilly, Siobhán (Comentários); Romer, Paul (Comentários); Train, Kenneth (Comentários)
Jan-2015Nominal export incentives and effective export promotion estimates for Brazil, 1980-81Tyler, William; Suzigan, Wilson (Colaborador)
Jan-2015Coffee policy and currency devaluations during the 30sCardoso, Eliana A.; Dornbusch, Rudi (Sugestões)
Jan-2015Trade policies in BrazilBraga, Helson C.; Tyler, William G.; Preece, Martha (Colaborador)
Jan-2015Recent effective tariff protection for BrazilTyler, William G.; Miranda, Maurício Santos de (Comentários); Martins, Ana Isabel da Costa (Comentários)
Jan-2015Total factor productivity growth and export-led strategies : reviewing the cross-country evidencePinheiro, Armando Castelar; Fishlow, Albert (Colaborador); Robinson, Sherman (Colaborador); Hall, Bronwyn (Colaborador); Castro, Newton de (Colaborador)
Jan-2015A Memorandum on the anti-export bias in commercial policies and export performance : the recent Brazilian experienceTyler, William G.
Jan-2015Growth and export expansion in developing countries : some empirical evidenceTyler, William G.; Miranda, Maurício Santos de
Jan-2015Investigating the causes of the recent Brazilian trade surplusesIssler, João Victor; Gazel, Ricardo Costa; Pereira, Pedro Valls (Colaborador); Kaminsky, Graciela (Colaborador); Reis, José Guilherme A. (Colaborador); Reis, Eustáquio (Colaborador); Barros, Ricardo Paes de (Colaborador); Bonelli, Regis (Colaborador); Lopes, Francisco (Colaborador); Pinto, Márcia P. (Colaborador); Barbosa, André (Colaborador); Soares, José Carlos (Colaborador)
Jan-2015The post 1990 Brazilian trade liberalization and the performance of large manufacturing firms : productivity, market share and profitsHay, Donald A.; Magalhães, Kepler Mauro de M. (Colaborador); Moreira, Maurício Mesquita (Colaborador); Kume, Honório (Colaborador); Barros, Flávio Borges (Colaborador); Bonelli, Regis (Colaborador); Iglesias, Roberto (Colaborador)