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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019The CDM and knowledge-building in GHG emissions reduction quantification : from the initial proposal to the program of activitiesMozzer, Gustavo Barbosa; Pellegrino, Giampaolo Queiroz
2019The Continuation of the CDM under the Paris agreement and its articulation with the SDMMiguez, José Domingos Gonzalez; Andrade, Túlio César Mourthé de Alvim
2019CDM institutional-regulatory evolution and future perspectivesGutierrez, Maria Bernadete Gomes Pereira Sarmiento
2019The Climate change convention and its Kyoto protocol as action driversOliveira, Adriano Santhiago de; Miguez, José Domingos Gonzalez; Andrade, Túlio César Mourthé de Alvim
2019PMR Brazil Project : perspectives on the Brazilian emission reductions marketMelo, Aloísio Lopes Pereira de; Silva, Beatriz Soares da
2019Use of the CDM by the Brazilian industry : considerations in favor of energy efficiency and new technologiesVeiga, Ana Paula Beber
2019Contribution of the clean development mechanism to sustainable developmentPereira, Henrique de A.
2019The Clean development mechanism in BrazilBittencourt, Sonia Regina Mudrovitsch de; Busch, Susanna Erica; Cruz, Márcio Rojas da
2019Experiencies and lessons of CDM in the energy sectorEsparta, Adelino Ricardo J.; Nagai, Karen M.
2019Global cooperation and challenges of sustainable development : CDM results and lessons learned for the design of new financial mechanismsHauser, Philipp Daniel; Fonseca, Rafael Tonelli