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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-01Optimal foreign borrowing in a multisector dynamic equilibrium model : a case study for BrazilTourinho, Octávio Augusto Fontes; Blitzer, Charles R. (Colaborador); Eckaus, Richard (Comentários); Manne, Alan (Comentários); Toledo, Joaquim (Comentários); Meeraus, Alex (Colaborador); Gelb, Alan (Colaborador)
2015-01Informal labor contracts : a solution or a problem?Barros, Ricardo Paes de; Mello, Ricardo; Pero, Valéria Lúcia; Edwards, Alejandra Cox (Comentários); Camargo, José Márcio (Comentários); Urani, André (Comentários); Rios Neto, Eduardo (Comentários); Pontes, Jaime (Assistência na pesquisa)
2015-01Size and functional income distribution in Brazil : some puzzlesClements, Benedict J.
2015-01Macro factors and the Brazilian yield curve with no arbitrage modelsMatsumura, Marco S.; Moreira, Ajax Reynaldo Bello
2015-01A Small open economy as a limit case of a two-country new Keynesian DSGE model : a Bayesian estimation with Brazilian dataSilveira, Marcos Antonio Coutinho da
2015-01Identification of affine term structure models with observed factors : economic shocks on Brazilian yield curvesMatsumura, Marco S.; Moreira, Ajax Reynaldo Bello
2015-01Inflation and trade openness revised : an analysis using panel dataSachsida, Adolfo; Mendonça, Mario Jorge Cardoso de
2015-01Changing international investment strategies : the "new forms" of foreign investment in BrazilGuimarães, Eduardo Augusto de Almeida; Malan, Pedro Sampaio; Araujo Jr., José Tavares de
2015-01The Demand for money in Brazil revisitedRossi, José W.; Mello, Flavia de Campos (Colaborador); Bigarel, Marcia Pimentel Pinto Azeredo (Apoio computacional)
2015-01Forecasting Brazilian Output in Real Time in the Presence of breaks: a Comparison Of Linear and Nonlinear ModelsChauvet, Marcelle; Lima, Elcyon Caiado Rocha; Vasquez, Brisne