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Title: Brazil's participation in LAFTA : 1962 - 1965
Authors: Baerresen, Donald W.
Abstract: In emulation of the apparently successful example of the European Common Market, the major countries of Latin America have banded together for promotion of trade among themselves. Result is the Latin American Free Trade Association, commonly known as LAFTA, which commenced to function on August 1, 1961. The original membership, and the one representing LAFTA for this study, was: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, and Uruguay. In order to obtain a proper perspective of Brazil's participation in LAFTA, it is important to understand the policies and pressures which led Brazil to join with other Latin American countries in forming this trading association. Therefore, the study flrst provides a brief review of developments in Brazil's international trade and pattern of economic growth following World War II.
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