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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-01Can macroeconomic variables account for the term structure of sovereign spreads? Studying the Brazilian caseMatsumura, Marco S.; Moreira, Ajax Reynaldo Bello
2015-01Capital controls and financial liberalization : removing the ideological bias in light of the contribution of keynes and others and the recent experienceModenesi, André de Melo; Modenesi, Rui Lyrio; Carvalho, F. J. C. (Colaborador); Sicsú, J. (Colaborador); Paula, L. F. de (Colaborador); Cheibub, J. A. (Colaborador); Baer, W. (Colaborador); Guimarães, R. O. (Colaborador); Luma, I. R. (Colaborador); Polamartschuk, M. (Colaborador); Serra, M. B. (Colaborador); Lemos, A. T. (Colaborador); Manhiça, F. (Colaborador)
2015-01Cash benefits to disabled persons in Brazil : an analysis of BPC - Continuous Cash Benefit ProgrammeMedeiros, Marcelo; Diniz, Debora; Squinca, Flávia; Cruz, Deusina Lopes (Colaborador); Bieler, Rosângela Berman (Colaborador); Souza, Raimundo Nonato Lopes de (Colaborador); Freitas, Maria José de (Colaborador); Marcelino, Miguel Abud (Colaborador); James, Franck (Colaborador); Veras, Fábio (Colaborador); Lindert, Kathy (Colaborador); Briere, Benedicte de la (Colaborador); Potyara, Camila (Colaborador); Paranhos, Fabiana (Equipe de pesquisadores); Ribeiro, Gracielle (Equipe de pesquisadores); Braga, Kátia Soares (Equipe de pesquisadores); Medeiros, Juliana (Equipe de pesquisadores); Melo, Layanna (Equipe de pesquisadores); Costa, Sandra (Equipe de pesquisadores)
2022-12A Century of regional inequalities in BrazilMagalhães, João Carlos Ramos; Alves, Pedro Jorge Holanda
2016-11Challenges and opportunities for the sustainable development of cattle raising in BrazilReis, Eustáquio José
2015-01Challenges of the Private Health Plans Regulation in BrazilOcké-Reis, Carlos Octávio; Marinho, Alexandre (Comentários)
2015-01Changing international investment strategies : the "new forms" of foreign investment in BrazilGuimarães, Eduardo Augusto de Almeida; Malan, Pedro Sampaio; Araujo Jr., José Tavares de
2015-01Coffee policy and currency devaluations during the 30sCardoso, Eliana A.; Dornbusch, Rudi (Sugestões)
2019-09Commodity boom and environmental policy : what lies behind the Amazon deforestationPereira, Rodrigo Mendes
2015-01Commute Time in Brazil (1992-2009) : differences between metropolitan areas, by income levels and genderPereira, Rafael Henrique Moraes; Schwanen, Tim
2015-01Comparative advantage or economic policy? Stylized facts and reflections on Brazil´s insertion in the world economy - 1994-2005Pinheiro, Armando Castelar; Bonelli, Regis; Manzano, Osmel (Comentários); Rodriguez-Clare, Andres (Comentários); Pourchet, Henry (Assistência de pesquisa)
2015-01Comparing models for forecasting the yield curveMatsumura, Marco S.; Moreira, Ajax Reynaldo Bello
2016-04Complex approaches for education in BrazilSakowski, Patrícia Alessandra Morita; Tóvolli, Marina Haddad
2015-01A complexity approach for public policiesFurtado, Bernardo Alves; Sakowski, Patrícia Alessandra Morita; Tóvolli, Marina Haddad
2016-11Conditions for innovation in Brazil : a review of key issues and policy challengesZuniga, Pluvia; De Negri, Fernanda; Dutz, Mark A; Pilat, Dirk; Rauen, André Tortato
2016-10Conflicts between state and civil society related to infrastructure projectsHochstetler, Kathryn Ann
2015-01Core inflation: robust common trend model forecastingMoreira, Ajax Reynaldo Bello; Migon, Hélio dos Santos
2015-01A cost-benefit analysis of deforestation in the Brazilian AmazonAndersen, Lykke E.; Reis, Eustáquio J. (Comentários); Weinhold, Diana (Comentários)
2021-08Current unemployment variance decomposition and consequences of using proxiesCorseuil, Carlos Henrique Leite; Foguel, Miguel Nathan; Moreira, Ajax Reynaldo Bello
2019-11Deforestation and environmental policy : a DSGE approachPereira, Rodrigo Mendes; Góes, Geraldo Sandoval