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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-10Housing demand and tenure choice in Brazilian urban areasMorais, Maria da Piedade; Cruz, Bruno de Oliveira
2015-01Human Resource Management and Public Sector Reforms: Trends and Origins of a New ApproachNogueira, Roberto Passos; Santana, José Paranaguá de
2015-01Human resources in the adjustment processAmadeo, Edward J.; Barros, Ricardo Paes de; Camargo, José Márcio; Mendonça, Rosane Silva Pinto de; Pero, Valéria Lúcia; Urani, André
2015-01Identification of affine term structure models with observed factors : economic shocks on Brazilian yield curvesMatsumura, Marco S.; Moreira, Ajax Reynaldo Bello
2022-08Imbalance, inequality, equity, and adjustment in pay-as-you-go pension systems in developing countries : an empirical analysis with data from BrazilMoreira, Ajax Reynaldo Bello; Foguel, Miguel Nathan; Ferreira, Sergio Guimarães
2015-01Impact of macro shocks on sovereign default probabilitiesMatsumura, Marco S.
2016-08Impacts of deforestation on the incidence of diseases in the brazilian AmazonSaccaro Junior, Nilo Luiz; Mation, Lucas Ferreira; Sakowski, Patrícia Alessandra Morita
2016-11Impacts of outsourcing on wage : new evidence for the Brazilian debateCampos, André Gambier
2019-10Impacts of public procurement on business R&D efforts : the Brazilian caseRauen, André Tortato; Paiva, Bianca Souza de
2018-05Impacts of subsidized credit on the optimum level of post-crisis investment of Brazilian firmsAlves, Patrick Franco; Silva, Ludmilla Lorrany Mattos; Morais, Rafael Lima de
2020-07Implications of Brazilian institutional guidelines on educational efficiencyLavagnole, Marcus Gerardus; Becker, Kalinca Léia; Mendonça, Mario Jorge Cardoso de
2015-01Income inequality in education, and children's schooling attainment in BrazilBarros, Ricardo Paes de; Lam, David; Macedo, Roberto (Comentários)
2015-01Indexation, monetary accomodation and inflation in BrazilCardoso, Eliana A.
2015-01Industrial policies and multinational enterprises in Latin AmericaBraga, Helson C.; Matesco, Virene Roxo; Clements, Ben (Comentários); Bulcke, Daniel van den (Comentários); Helleiner, Gerard (Comentários); Ronci, Marcio (Comentários); Newfarmer, Richard (Comentários); Lall, Sanjaya (Comentários); Plasschaert, Sylvain (Comentários)
2015-01Industrial policy in Brazil : a frameworkHay, Donald A.
2018-10Inequality in Brazil from 2016 to 2017 : a decomposition exercise and labor market analysis of virtually no change (which is good news)Soares, Sergei Suarez Dillon
2015-01Inflation and trade openness revised : an analysis using panel dataSachsida, Adolfo; Mendonça, Mario Jorge Cardoso de
2015-01Inflation and unemployment as determinants of inequality in Brazil : the 1980sCardoso, Eliana A.; Barros, Ricardo Paes de; Urani, André
2017-11Inflation expectations and the Phillips Curve : an encompassing frameworkMaka, Alexis; Barbosa Filho, Fernando de Holanda
2015-01Informal labor contracts : a solution or a problem?Barros, Ricardo Paes de; Mello, Ricardo; Pero, Valéria Lúcia; Edwards, Alejandra Cox (Comentários); Camargo, José Márcio (Comentários); Urani, André (Comentários); Rios Neto, Eduardo (Comentários); Pontes, Jaime (Assistência na pesquisa)