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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2015Optimal rules for monetary policy in BrazilAndrade, Joaquim Pinto de; Divino, José Angelo C. A.; Sachsida, Adolfo (Comentários)
Jan-2015Do Informal Workers Queue for Formal Jobs in Brazil?Soares, Fábio Veras
Jan-2015Some Stylized Facts of the Informal Sector in Brazil in the 1980’s end 1990’sSoares, Fábio Veras
Jan-2015Employment structure in Brazil and its sensitivity to the current economic policyBarros, Ricardo Paes de; Ramos, Lauro; Edwards, Alejandra (Colaborador); Rodriguez, José (Colaborador); Pontes, Jaime (Colaborador)
Jan-2015Economic Regulation and Cost-efficiency in Brazilian Urban Public Transport: the Case of Belo HorizonteGomide, Alexandre de Ávila
Jan-2015Size and functional income distribution in Brazil : some puzzlesClements, Benedict J.
Jan-2015Trade Liberalization and Labor Markets in Developing Countries: Theory and EvidenceArbache, Jorge Saba; Leon-Ledesma, Miguel (Comentários e sugestões); Green, Francis (Comentários e sugestões); Veras, Fábio (Comentários e sugestões); Sarquis, Sarquis J.B. (Comentários e sugestões); Castro, Steve de (Comentários e sugestões); Corseuil, Carlos Henrique (Comentários e sugestões)
Jan-2015The NAIRU, unemployment and the rate of inflation in BrazilLima, Elcyon Caiado Rocha; Reis, Eustáquio J. (Comentários); Levy, Paulo M. (Comentários)
Jan-2015Structural adjustment and privatization in BrasilPinheiro, Armando Castelar; Salgado, Lucia H. (Comentários); Riveros, Luis (Comentários); Kishimoto, Noriaki (Comentários)
Jan-2015Brazilian privatization in the 1990sPinheiro, Armando Castelar; Giambiagi, Fabio; Makler, Alex (Colaborador); Tourinho, Octávio (Colaborador); Carvalho, Jose Carlos de (Colaborador); Sobral, José Carlos (Colaborador); Zineski, Anthony (Colaborador); Carlyon, Mark (Colaborador)