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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2015Monetary policy, inflation and the level of economic activity in Brasil after the Real Plan : stylized facts from SVAR modelsCéspedes, Brisne J. V.; Lima, Elcyon C. R; Maka, Alexis
Jan-2015The demand for money in high inflation processesTourinho, Octavio A. F.
Jan-2015A note on the temporal evolution of the relationship between wages and education among Brazilian prime-age males : 1976-1989Barros, Ricardo Paes de; Ramos, Lauro
Jan-2015Population and Social Security in Brazil: an Analysis with Emphasis on Constitutional ChangesBeltrão, Kaizô Iwakami; Pinheiro, Sonoe Sugahara; Oliveira, Francisco Eduardo Barreto de
Sep-2014Political electoral cycles and public investments in BrazilOrair, Rodrigo Octávio; Gouvêa, Raphael Rocha; Leal, Ésio Moreira
Jan-2015Spatial dynamics of labor markets in BrazilChomitz, Kenneth M.; Mata, Daniel da; Carvalho, Alexandre; Magalhães, João Carlos; Andersson, Jonny; Buys, Piet; Guia, George da; Netto, Waldir; Tebaldi, Edinaldo; Deichmann, Uwe; Lall, Somik; Morais, Maria da Piedade; Piancastelli, Marcelo; Henderson, Vernon
Jan-2015Macro factors and the Brazilian yield curve with no arbitrage modelsMatsumura, Marcos S.; Moreira, Ajax R. B.
Jan-2015Race discrimination in Brazil : an analysis of the age, period and cohort effectsReis, Maurício Cortez; Crespo, Anna Risi Vianna
Jan-2015Inflation and trade openness revised : an analysis using panel dataSachsida, Adolfo; Mendonça, Mário Jorge Cardoso de
Jan-2015Poverty among female-headed households in BrazilBarros, Ricardo; Fox, Louise; Mendonça, Rosane